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Bassam Khabieh is a 28 years old; freelance photojournalist working with Reuters covering daily news stories and events in Damascus countryside, Syria; His photographs cover the harsh circumstances of ongoing Syrian war, and war effects on daily life of people, which contain an emotional and human contents for Syrian war tragedy.


He studied a computer sciences in Damascus University and worked as an IT administrator in Syrian Telecommunication company for five years, but after two years of revolution's spark in Syria; Bassam left his work in Damascus and moved to his hometown; Duma, near Damascus and started his work as independent photographer for Syrian Revolution events and he started his work with Reuters in July 2013 as freelance photojournalist.


After Syrian revolution rose up against Bashar Al Assad regime in March 2011, he started his work in documenting revolution events using his mobile camera as amateur video/photographer, but with the acceleration and turning the events to be dramatic, Bassam start read and learn more about photography and how it too important to produce high quality images which match with photography professional standards to transfer a clear massages for whole world.


And till now, the most important Media, Press and newspapers like NYTIMES, Washington Post, TIME, THE TIMES, The Guardian … etc; published his pictures from Syrian War events like chemical attacks, warplane attacks, and daily life pictures from under siege area in Damascus countryside.


In the end of 2013, one of his picture of chemical attack which used by the most important newspapers as front page cover; chosen as one of the best photo of the year by Reuters Agency, and he participated in an exhibition about "The Children of Syria" in USA with Art Works Project for Human Rights.


For contact: [email protected]